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Conor Gearty Website Launched

Conor Gearty Professor Gearty’s site is now live, after a tight deadline, and was finished to co-incide with the launch of his latest book.

He wanted a site where he could bring together two blogs and academic papers in one place. Each publication is presented as a PDF document. Relevent searches will find documents containing particular keywords, or sorted by publication type, eg. Chapters in a book, articles etc. The site also contains details about Professor Gearty’s CV, academic achievements, and gives a summaries of entries from his two blogs. There is an online guestbook for user feedback, and a page showing his upcoming speaking events (with an RSS feed). The bespoke Content Management System lets Prof. Gearty can update his site quickly.

I had always intended to create a web site but had run away from the complexities, having seen the horrors made by those who thought it was something they could do for themselves. Caroline has created an aesthetically very pleasing web site for me, and one that is also extremely easy to navigate. Her layout reflects what I wanted – she was able to discern this by careful questioning and without once lapsing into jargon – but it also embellishes on my wishes, making the site better to look at and more fun to use than I would have thought possible. The subtle introduction of background designs was especially creative, giving the site a particular and personal style.

Since launching it I have had a home for all my diverse activities, a place where I can draw the various threads of my professional career together. It’s real glory is behind the scenes however – this is a site that is easy to change and update, via the Content Management System, which is intuitive and therefore easy for me to use. I am very pleased.
Professor Conor Gearty, conorgearty.com

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