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The Future Of Human Rights

The Rights FutureThe Rights Future is an exciting new project for Professor Conor Gearty. Since Mockett Media built his own website a couple of years ago, Conor knew who to ask to implement his latest idea.

He is writing an interactive book in 20 weeks, on the future of Human Rights. The site is built with the very flexible WordPress content management system which enables pages and updates to be published at the press of a button.

Caroline has made it possible for me to learn to swim in the web and not just timidly navigate it.  Since beginning to work with her, I have launched my own web site (conorgearty.com) which many students and others visit, and this Autumn Caroline’s expertise has given me the confidence to begin to write a book on the web, complete with videos, comment-sections and much else besides: therightsfuture.com.  Caroline makes sense of the web – she is my invaluable interpreter of ‘web-speak’.  And she never loses sight of what I am trying to achieve, dedicating herself to making my ideas work in this new medium.  I would long since have drowned without her. Caroline is a coach and life-guard rolled into one. Profesor Conor Gearty, therightsfuture.com

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John Flood Website Upgraded

John Flood Professor Flood has been a client for over two years, and Mockett Media has just completed an extensive piece of work to upgrade his website with new features.

He needed a site where he could publish his academic papers quickly and easily. Each publication is presented as a PDF document. Relevent searches can be performed to find documents containing particular keywords, or sorted by publication type, eg. Chapters in a book, articles etc. The site also contains details about Professor Flood’s CV, academic achievements, and gives a preview of articles yet to be published. There is an online guestbook for user feedback, summaries of his blog posts from Blogger, a site news feed and a bespoke Content Management System so that he can update his site quickly and easily.

It’s important for academics to disseminate their work and publications into the wider world. Normal channels like journals and books take a long time. By placing my publications on a website, I felt I could telescope the process. Mockett Media designed a website for me that is very user-friendly. All my publications are in a searchable database that can be queried in a number of ways, such as keyword, title, date, and more. The database works behind the scenes, so all the reader has to do is point and click.

After over two years of successful use (from visitors’ and my perspectives), Mockett Media proposed some new features and upgraded the site to make it more efficient.

I now have RSS feeds for my blog and the news page. A content management system allows me to keep the site bang up to date. Mockett Media worked very closely with me to ensure that the website really achieves what I want it to do. The result is a major advance over the original version.
Professor John Flood, johnflood.com

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