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Travel Light, Travel Fresh

My Travel Toiletries My Travel Toiletries owner Glynis Hale asked Mockett Media to provide a  simple, three-page website to promote a product launch. The site has a main landing page, terms and conditions, and a user feedback form to gather information about potential customers.

I have found working with Mockett Media very easy. They have delivered just what I asked for on My Travel Toiletries website. I told Caroline what I would like and she has gone away with no fussing and quietly and reliably put together a two page holding site which I am very pleased with. If and when I wanted to make changes or add something, this is all done without any fuss, bother or what if’s. Caroline is easy to talk to and is always willing to discuss anything that I am not sure of or don’t really understand. In all, a very pleassant and proffessional to work with, thankyou Mockett Media. Glynis Hale, mytraveltoiletries.co.uk

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